Cycling Tourism And Cultural Routes - Online Workshop

Online | 2 October 2020

Presentations by agenda item:

Keynote speech by Mr. Ed Lancaster, ECF/EuroVelo, Senior Policy Officer:  “Introduction to Cycling Tourism” - Introducing ECF, existing cycling networks, certification process, actions/projects aiming at sustainability

Mr. Miklós Berencsi, National EuroVelo Coordination Centre (NECC), Hungary - Sustainability of cycling tourism, growing numbers, regions of the world where there is an increase of both supply and demand

Mr. Frank Hofmann, ADFC Board Member: ”Necessary Services and  Infrastructure” - Necessary services and infrastructure (bike & bed, bike servicing, e-charging stations etc.) and the difference between cycling as only one of the activities during a stay in a destination and the actual cycling tourism as a product (needed for both)

Mr. Massimiliano Angelotti, Italy: “ADRIONCYCLETOUR - Coastal route: Infrastructure Status in Italy”

Ms. Lidija Mišćin, Croatia: EuroVelo 8 – Mediterranean Cycle Route in Croatia”

Ms. Cristina Lixandroiu, Romania: “Danube Cycling Plan project- a new opportunity for Romanian cycling”

Mr. Zoran Klarić, Croatia: „Drava Cycle Route in Croatia“

Ms. Alessandra Fogar, Italy: “Cycling and Discovering”

Mr. Anej Struci, Slovenia: “Sustainable destinations: Single Trail Park Jamnica”

Mr. Nebojša Crnogorac, Montenegro: “Cycle- tourism in Montenegro: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”

Ms. Eltjana Shkreli, Albania: “Shkodra cycling city, an opportunity for sustainable tourism development in Albania”

Ms. Maša Klavora, Slovenia:” Walk of Peace biking, hiking and cultural cross border trail along the WWI heritage and as good example of involvement of local communities”

Mr Łukasz Magrian, Poland:” EuroVelo10 - opportunities and challenges in creating a cross-border tourism product”

Ms. Tatjana Horvatić, Head of Movable, Ethnographic and Intangible Cultural Heritage Office, Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media

Ms. Vlasta Klarić, EUSAIR Thematic Expert: “Routes4U-connecting the EU regions”

Keynote speaker: Stefano Dominioni, Director Of Cultural Routes, Executive Secretary of EPA

Mr. Michael Cramer, Germany: “Iron Curtain Trail Route”

Mr. Fotis Vlachos, Ministry of Culture and Sports, Greece: “Route of the Olive Tree”

Mr. Antonio Barone, Italy: “The Phoenicians Route”

Mr. Ionut Matei, Romania: “Developing cultural cycling routes with the existing resources- examples in the recent years in Romania”

Mr. Christina Narval, Austria: “Trans-Danube Travel Stories”

Mr. Dirk Glaesser, Director of UNWTO Sustainable Development of Tourism Department: “Tourism, COVID-19 and the Agenda 2030”

Ms. Nadine Lakhal, DG Regio (EC): “Cycling tourism to promote the European Green Deal”

CONCLUSIONS from Renata Tomljenović on afternoon session dedicated to CULTURAL ROUTES