EUSAIR Communication Academy

EUSAIR (EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region) is a Macro-regional Strategy joining 10 countries striving to find solutions for common challenges in the common sea basins and its hinterlands. The Strategy joins EU Member states and non-EU Member states working together as equal partners.

In this process, cooperation is not only one of the main objectives but is a mean to achieve the Strategy’s aims. Cooperation cannot take place without communication. For the various EUSAIR stakeholders and institutions to successfully cooperate they need to effectively communicate among themselves. At the same time, EUSAIR is facing a low level of awareness among relevant audience. In this regard awareness rising via efficient external communication is crucial. By including a group of young participants in the Academy we hope to build the foundation for their further inclusion in EUSAIR.

It is for those reasons that the EUSAIR Facility Point Lead Partner in cooperation with the Centre for European Perspective (CEP) are initiating the EUSAIR Communication Academy. The aim of the Communication Academy is to equip members of three groups of participants – EUSAIR Government communicators, EUSAIR key implementers and Youth participants – with knowledge, skills, and tools that will give them the capacity for effective and successful communication among themselves and the relevant public.