Building upon the success of the previous EUSAIR Communication Academy in 2022, this training program aims to equip participants with the critical skills necessary for explaining complex and abstract topics in a simple, comprehensible, and persuasive manner. We understand the importance of effective communication in engaging stakeholders and the interested public, and that is precisely what this academy seeks to achieve.

Whether you are an EUSAIR key implementer, a government communicator, or a journalist, this academy is tailored to meet your specific needs. We believe in the power of collaboration and bridging the communication gap between these three groups. By bringing together participants from these diverse backgrounds, we will create a dynamic learning environment where knowledge and experiences can be shared and nurtured.

During the academy, you will engage in a series of interactive workshops, practical exercises, and cooperative activities designed to enhance your communication skills and proficiency. Our experienced trainers will guide you through various techniques and tools, providing you with valuable insights and strategies for effectively communicating EUSAIR to your target audience. We want your messages to be understood and to resonate with the public.

Don’t miss this opportunity to become an outstanding communicator and make a lasting impact in the world of EUSAIR. Apply now to secure your spot at the EUSAIR Communication Academy 2.0 and join us in Thessaloniki, Greece, on 5 and 6 July. Together, we will unlock the secrets of effective communication and pave the way for a brighter future.