6th Annual EUSAIR Forum

Izola, Slovenia | 11-12 May 2021


The winning teams were VISUS among high school students and Magnet Strap Winder among university students, both from Slovenia. The winners of both categories will participate in a 14-day online seminar hosted by the California-based M Accelerator. The PODIM Start Up Conference in Maribor will be attended by the second and third placed teams: Leaflife from Italy and VAH from Serbia in the high school students category, Voćaka from Montenegro and Eklinika from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the university students category. Special recognition for the most creative “borderless idea” was given by the representatives of Nova Gorica and Gorizia as European Capital of Culture 2025. It was awarded to members of the Bioneers team from North Macedonia.

EUSAIR POPRI ideas made obvious that young people want to contribute to common well-being, live a sustainable, quality life, respect the principles of the circular economy and offer solutions to various people’s problems. Young participants proved to be responsible, ambitious members of society, worth listening to.

Some ideas are more global in nature, even very much related to the contents of the Adriatic-Ionian region, others concern a more narrow circle of stakeholders. But they all find a buyer and this is exactly what is happening now as a result of EUSAIR POPRI side events of the 6th EUSAIR Forum!

Primorski tehnološki park has been already approached by individuals interested in buying the winning device VISUS. VISUS - See With Me is a smart device that communicates data from the environment to blind and partially sighted people via vibrations on the belt. It has a built-in GPS and gyroscope, which enable safe movement in urban and rural environments.

What could be more beautiful than young people's dreams come true and a visually impaired person living a full life. And such potential is brought by each of the business ideas presented - a potential that is not national.

Primorska Technology Park looks forward to continuing in working with young people and helping them build their new ideas!

Want to learn more about their business ideas?

POPRI international is a competition for the best entrepreneurial idea among young people from 9 countries of the Adriatic-Ionian macro region

By participating in POPRI you will develop creativity and entrepreneurship, learn to work in a team and make contacts with different people. At POPRI you also learn to take initiatives, take risks, seek advice to solve challenges with the right people. At POPRI competition, you will get useful feedback for your business idea from experienced entrepreneurs. Last but not least, POPRI teaches you that victory is sweet, but that on the way to victory lies the greatest treasure - the knowledge and connections with which you will create a better future!

But besides all of that, POPRI competition offers the winning teams of young participants additional hands-on tempting and prestigious prizes!

All that having in mind, makes it really an event, which you will regret if  missed. Therefore make sure, you'll be there!!

P.S.: The preparation of young people for the competition in individual EUSAIR countries has already started!