Pillar 1: Blue Growth

The specific objectives for this pillar are:

-To promote research, innovation and business opportunities in blue economy sectors, by facilitating the brain circulation between research and business communities and increasing their networking and clustering capacity.

-To adapt to sustainable seafood production and consumption, by developing common standards and approaches for strengthening these two sectors and providing a level playing field in the macro-region.

-To improve sea basin governance, by enhancing administrative and institutional capacities in the area of maritime governance and services.

To achieve the abovementioned objectives, Pillar 1 will focus on three topics:

  • Topic 1 – Blue technologies
  • Topic 2 – Fisheries and aquaculture
  • Topic 3 – Maritime and marine governance and services
Greece and Montenegro

Pillar 1 Coordinators

Ms Eirini Mantzouni emantzouni@minagric.gr
Ms Milena Krasićmilena.krasic@mpr.gov.me

Contact of Coordinators and Deputies

Latest event

18th TSG1 meeting
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For further information about pillar and topics, please see the Library.

Available funding sources

Look a the EASME funding opportunities through different calls for proposals.

Check out the Call for proposals in the marine and maritime field.

To see these calls published according to the sea-basin to which they refer to, visit the Maritime Forum.