Capacity building on Monitoring and Evaluation

Ljubljana, Slovenia | 15 December 2022

The EUSAIR FACILITY POINT strategic project is reaching its end in August 2023 and capitalizing on its activities has to take place now in order to have input and material for the revision of the Action Plan and the preparation of the EUSAIR and its activities in 2021-2027! Monitoring, Evaluation, Capacity Building are key elements for the Strategy in the new programming period and we have to move on accordingly!

In this context, FACILITY POINT LEAD PARTNER organised Macro-regional meeting for Capacity Building on Monitoring and Evaluation, on December 15th in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We discussed procedures, methods and tools of capturing the EUSAIR achievements, in terms of outputs, results and impacts, indicators and best practices, as well as plan how we move forward.

The event included:

  • Presentation of the EUSAIR perspectives in the new programming period 2021-2027,
  • An overview of the Monitoring and Evaluation actions in relation to the EU Macro-regional Strategies,
  • Impact stories of the added value of the EU Macro-regional Strategies.
  • Proposal of new Monitoring and Evaluation system
  • Findings from the Pillar monitoring procedures.

The national capacity building for Monitoring and Evaluation in four IPA participating countries will be organised in early 2023.

Here are the presentations of an event:

01_EUSAIR Monitoring & Evaluation under WP3_15.12.2022


03_Ljubljana_Dec2022_LKN-Presentation-Nikitaridis 1


05_EUSAIR_Pillar 2_Monitoring_Features and results

06_Event Dec2022- Pillar 3-V3PPT 15122022 Nastja

07_EUSAIR Pillar 4 Final M&E Report

08_20221215_MRS impact

09_REGIO ppt pdf Embedding process of MRS, 15.12.2022

10_PPT Macroregional Even 15_12_ revbcp

11_IPA ADRION 2021-2027 - Programme Overview _ Adela Franja

12_1215_M&E_Revision process

13_Embedding_process in 2021-2027_15.12.2022