Tourism recovery through cooperation

Online | 14 September 2020

An event meant for the discussion of Tourism recovery through cooperation - a macro-regional approach took place on 14 September 2020 between 11:00 and 13:30.

Draft agenda of the event is available HERE.

Video recording of the discussions will be provided after the event. But prior to that let me share the concluding point:

»We shall not focus on an illusion that we will ever live in a world without crisis. It will always come, one way or another.  We have to live despite it, learn to live with the crisis of any kind and efficiently prepare for them. We need to protect tourism, make it more resilient, as it is one of top contributors to our economies.«

Mediterranean Coast and Macro-regional Strategies Week 2020 under #SloPresidencyEUSAIR begun with the 1st step towards Tourism recovery through cooperation - a macro-regional approach to form strong political messages. Today, all four macro-regional strategies stand united with the support of the European Commission, DG REGIO and DG GROW as well as EUSAIR Facility Point, shared their experiences, presented their solutions and built on this precious kind of collaboration.