Presentation of Maritime spatial plan Slovenia

Izola (Slovenia) | 18 September 2020

The event Presentation of Maritime spatial plan Slovenia will take place on 18 September 2020 in Izola (Slovenia).

Slovenia is preparing its first Maritime Spatial Plan (MSP). The goal of the plan is to encourage the growth of maritime economies, within the sustainability of the sea, shore and sea sources. Maritime Spatial Plan will ensure coherent development of activities, uses and regimes on the sea and shore. The legal basis for the MSP is the Directive 2014/89/EU,  establishing a framework for maritime spatial planning. The procedure is foreseen the Slovenian Spatial Planning Act. The draft MSP will be presented within the event.

The formal public debate and governmental procedure will follow by March 2021, which is the deadline for submission of the MSP to European Commission.

More information about the event will be available soon.

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