Youth, Water and EUSAIR

Izola, Slovenija | 18 September 2020

In cooperation with the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia (hereinafter: ARSO) and the local community, students will present the impact of water and the sea at selected locations on the coast, which results in various types of coast. The dynamics of water and the sea are becoming particularly visible at high waters occurrences, which are with increasing frequency causing floods with increasingly substantial damages to settlements and infrastructure.

Pupils, with the participation of schools, ARSO and representatives of the local community, will mark the highest recorded sea level on the coastline in recent years. This is an implementation of the measure "Educating the public to adapt to climate change", for which Slovenian Geography Teachers' Association, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, organized the International Conference of Teachers "Climate Change" (Štanjel, 4-5 June, 2020).