S3 Community of Practice in the EU Enlargement region (SCOPE) - postponed

Ljubljana, Slovenia | 31 March - 2 April 2020

SCOPE Training of the Smart Specialisation Teams as a part of the S3P-NEAR project on “Support to Smart Specialisation in the Enlargement Region”

Over the past years, the S3 Community of Practice in the EU Enlargement region (SCOPE) has grown substantially. The S3 NEAR Team is now launching SCOPE - a series of tailored (semi-)annual events as a forum that would allow the search for both formal and/or informal training, advice and feedback on specific policy issues from their peers across the Western Balkans as well as in other parts of Europe.

The SCOPE framework allows for deeper training through transnational learning, an ongoing exchange of experiences between policymakers in charge of smart specialisation across the EU. Having a shared understanding of important concepts, models and related terminology helps overcome many initial obstacles for efficient transnational collaboration between regions. SCOPE meetings will build upon many of today’s collaborative practices based on knowledge factors such as creation, sharing, exchanging and integrating knowledge. Accumulatively, this work is expected to lead to the strengthening of the 'community of S3 practice' in the EU Enlargement region with a shared understanding of the smart specialisation concept and principles, as well as of appropriate advanced development and implementation strategy tools.

SCOPE meetings will bring participating economies together for training, mutual learning and exploration of the ways in which RIS3 strategies could be developed. The proposed approach will offer participating economies a framework that is structured enough to ensure economies under review receive adequate feedback, yet sufficiently flexible to facilitate open and productive discussions.