Smart Specialisation for Blue Economy Workshop

Online | 6 July 2021

Are Smart Specialisation strategies a useful tool to support transition towards a sustainable blue economy by creating the necessary innovation ecosystems in regions?

The answer is YES!

By promoting the exchange of know-how/lesson learned, facilitating the creation of a blue economy community of S3 quadruple helix stakeholders and supporting the development of future blue economy based interregional innovation partnerships is indeed a useful tool. In addition, Smart Specialisation cooperation can reinforce regional cooperation in the framework of the EU sea-basins and macro-regional strategies as well as develop complementarities and synergies with the European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF).

EUSAIR already held a discussion on this topic at the workshop on internationalization as an important part of Smart Specialization Strategies with special attention to Blue Growth, which was held during Mediterranean Coast & Macro-Regional Strategies Week 2020. And now we are offered an opportunity to extend our ideas!

Join the next discussion on 6 July!


In the light of the Commission’s adoption of the Sustainable Blue Economy Strategy as an essential tool to achieve the objectives of the European Green Deal whilst ensuring a green recovery from the pandemic, a joint DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE) and The Joint Research Centre workshop, in cooperation with DG Regional and Urban Policy (DG REGIO), is being organised to support Smart specialisation approach in the field of Blue Economy.

Half a day virtual event will address three main points:

  1. Building on the experiences from the 2014-2020 S3 cooperation;
  2. Preparing for the future S3 interregional partnerships for Sustainable Blue Economy;
  3. The role of Macro-regional and Sea-Basin Strategies, New Horizon Missions and the BlueInvest Platform in the future Interregional Blue Economy S3 cooperation.

If interested only in Blue Growth, there's another opportunity for you to be part of a change "From Marine & Maritime Services towards new drivers for economic & territorial change". This is namely the title of the Greek Conference organised on 24 June!   👉