EUSAIR innovation experts meeting - postponed

Online via EUSAIR Stakeholder Platform | 9 February 2022

Following the very inspiring EUSAIR Innovation community event in November 2021, we continue to build our EUSAIR Innovation Community.

TSG 3 has launched an very interesting study on eco-innovations & circular economy, TSG 4 organised very interesting stakeholder conference where also many innovative actions were presented, EUSAIR Facility Point Lead Partner also did  steps towards the community building - please connect with us via EUSAIR INNOVATION COMMUNITY, and there is much more to report...

It is time for ou community to meet again to present this latest developments and join the forces in co-creation of the next event to be held in mid February 2022 - follow us & stay updated!

This meeting of the EUSAIR Innovation experts will take place on 9th February from 13:00 - 14:30 with 2 main points:

1. Main developments in relation to innovations in EUSAIR & next foreseen steps (by countries & by Pillars)
2. Next EUSAIR innovation community event - confirmation of the structure and goals and request to find presenters