Ad-hoc EUSAIR Facility Point Project Steering Group meeting

Venice, Italy | 21-22 May 2019

The EUSAIR Facility Point project (FP) is about to enter its fourth year of implementation. Being a 6,5-year project, it is time to rethink how the project is fitting the needs of its users. Following the decision of ADRION MC at its meeting on 10-11 April 2019, FP should be revised in the next two months.

The first part of the meeting was therefore dedicated to project reshaping workshop, with the aim to revise existing and add new project activities, if necessary to better meet the needs of the EUSAIR structures and to assure smooth financial implementation.

The aim of the second part was to ensure common understanding across the key EUSAIR structures and pave the way to enhance implementation of the activities within the existing work packages.