Coordinators: Croatia and Albania

The specific objectives for this pillar are:

  • Diversification of the macro-region’s tourism products and services along with tackling seasonality of inland, coastal and maritime tourism demand.
  • Improving the quality and innovation of tourism offer and enhancing the sustainable and responsible tourism capacities of the tourism actors across the macro-region.

To achieve the above mentioned objectives the pillar will focus on two topics:

     - Topic 1 - Diversified tourism offer (products and services)

     - Topic 2 - Sustainable and responsible tourism management  
       (innovation and quality)

Report of the EUSAIR national tourism strategies for identifying common priorities and actions in relation to the EUSAIR action plan-pillar IV: "sustainable tourism"

Available programmes

- EASME funding opportunities: check out the call for proposals.
COSME programme: please check out the call for proposals. Also, see the COSME kick-off in Greece
- Creative Europe programme: check out the call for proposals.

For further information about pillars and topics, please see the EUSAIR Action Plan.pdf