Interact Capacity Building working group meeting

Online | 17 November 2020

The focus of discussion is foreseen to be on the following topics:
- brief updates on most recent discussions from the sub-groups; in particular, we will share information about the activities related to communication, embedding, interdependencies, roles and responsibilities (capacity building needs and discussions);
- short report from the "Third meeting of chairpersons of the National Coordination groups (TRIO Presidencies of the macro-regional strategies) and the European Commission", held on 15 September;
- share key points from the "Third report on the implementation of EU macro-regional strategies" (available here) and on the progress drafting Council Conclusions;
- hear some reflections from the EWRC workshops related to the work of this group and MRS; we invite you all to share the messages you took along from the EWRC, we will be also happy to hear your reflections from the digital Forums.
- discuss plans for 2021: what would be the focus for this working group as whole; focus of your work per MRS and Interact's; how we could support each other and join efforts.
- any other business/suggestions/questions.