Green and Smart Ports in the Adriatic Ionian Region: decarbonisation and digitalization of ports and freight transport. The contribution of EU territorial cooperation

Trieste & Online | 21 June 2023

Ports are crossroads of goods and people, as well as source of prosperity for their territories, key to their economic development and job creation.

Yet, like all other human activities, they can be source of nuisances at local – air pollution, noise, congestion – and global level – CO2 emissions.

The Port of Trieste and other ports in Italy, Croatia and Slovenia have been working in recent years to improve their environmental performance and efficiency through IT solutions, both within the North Adriatic Port Association (NAPA) and under various projects co-funded by INTERREG – SUSPORT and DIGSEA (Interreg Italy-Croatia), ACCESSMILE (Interreg Central Europe) – and CEF – EALING – funds.

As part of these projects, a conference entitled "Decarbonization and digitalization of ports and freight transport. The contribution of EU territorial cooperation" will be held in Trieste on 21st June 2023.

The event is organized in cooperation with and under the auspices of EUSAIR: SUSPORT and DIGSEA projects have been labelled by TSG2, since their full coherence with the flagship project "smart and green port hubs."

The workshop will be the occasion to deep dive into the most recent trends and challenges in port decarbonisation and digitalisation, with two keynote speeches on greening ports and cybersecurity for ports.

Also, the collaboration among the ports of Italy, Slovenia and Croatia result in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly strengthen decarbonization and energy efficiency in ports, paving the way for greater institutional and operational cooperation between ports on both sides of the Adriatic in the coming years.

The workshop proposed by the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea and the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region is included in the activities foreseen by the EUSAIR Facility Point for the 2023 and in the Work Plan of Pillar 2, subgroup Transport.

Take a look at the agenda and register at this link.