Greek National Capacity Building Event 2023

Athens, Greece | 23 February 2023

Greek National Capacity Building Event will be held back to back to the Revision Working group meeting (24 February), on 23 February 2023 (10:00-16:00 Athens time) in Athens, Greece. Input from the Capacity Building Event will be valuable for the Revision process and will facilitate the understanding of the structure and content of the future EUSAIR Action Plan.

The general purpose of the capacity building event is to increase the capacity of key actors involved in or affecting the implementation of the EUSAIR (national/regional authorities responsible for EU funds, programme MAs, important stakeholders at Pillar level) in terms of understanding the particular requirements of monitoring and evaluation at the macro-regional strategy level. Monitoring, evaluation, and capacity building are key elements for the Strategy also in the new programming period 2021 – 2027. It is a great opportunity to discuss on procedures and tools of capturing the EUSAIR achievements, in terms of outputs, results, impacts and indicators, as well as plan how we move forward in the 2021-2027 period. Therefore, Revision Working Group members are welcome to attend the Greek Capacity Building event as well, since the event will include the embedding process and will provide valuable input for the revision of the EUSAIR Action Plan too.