EUSAIR Communication Academy

Bled, Slovenia | 24-28 October 2022

GOVERNMENT COMMUNICATORS and KEY IMPLEMENTERS programme will Learn from practical examples using the knowledge acquired in the previous 2 Modules.

YOUNG PARTICIPANTS programme will be About storytelling in communication and application of the knowledge acquired in previous 2 Modules on practical examples.

We need to be aware that communication is everybody’s responsibility. Everybody should be able and should have the skills to communicate the achievements of their work. Only with effective internal communication can we be successful in external communication and share the word about our successes. However good communication by itself is not enough.

Person-to-person connections are vital. By bringing together EUSAIR Key implementers and Government communicators we hope to use this link to showcase the many synergies between EUSAIR’s and each nation’s communication objectives. Youth contribution to the Strategy can be also especially invaluable since they can offer a fresh perspective, their knowledge and skills. Moreover, they are the ones that will be living the future that the Strategy is creating and need to be given a voice in co-shaping it.

Therefore, we look forward to join them all in a beautiful environment of Bled, Slovenia.