Energy Connectivity Event: Workshop on Connecting the EUSAIR and Adriatic-Ionian Region into the Transeuropean Energy Networks

Sarajevo | 10 May 2023

The programme of the event is available here:

Workshop (only in person in Sarajevo, no hybrid) will consist of two panels:

First panel will address infrastructural disparities between EU Member and non- EU member states causing significant fregmentation in the connectivity fiels. EUSAIR can help achieve improvements in suppy and security, developing a well funcioning system that will enable reliable energy networks and intermodal connections.

Second panel will address goals of EU policies such as RePower EU and Climate goals for 2030/2050 where ambitious goals are to be achieved. EUSAIR is seen as a useful instrument to respond to the demands of the future by implementing EU policies in the whole Adriatic-Ionian Region.

Registrations also here: