Climate Hour 2021

5 June 2021

Take some time

to promote a healthy Alpine climate

on World Environment Day - 5 June!

On 5 June 2021, on World Environment Day, partners from all Alpine countries will organize local events with an emphasis on what each individual can do to protect the climate in the Alps.

On that date, as part of the first edition of the Climate Hour under the auspices of the Swiss Presidency of the Alpine Convention and with the support of the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention, events took place along the entire Alpine arc, from Vercors Nature Park in France to Tolmin in the southern Julian Alps.

If you enjoy outdoor activities, you will surely be happy with the events organized in Slovenia by the Slovenian information points of the Alpine Convention, the Slovenian Mountain Museum and the Posoški Development Center.

Hikes and walks as well as excursions will be organized in locations across the Alps, which encourage reflection and provide artistic inspiration. Participants will be able to experience a unique experience of alpine nature and learn about the effects of climate change on the ground.