Biodiversity (esp. ecological connectivity) in EU macro-regional strategies

Zagreb, Croatia | 4-5 December 2019

The cross macro-regional meeting on biodiversity with a special focus on ecological connectivity aims at fostering an exchange of experience and mutual learning across the MRS within the thematic. Moreover, the meeting will discuss common cross-cutting issues.

The overall aim of the event is to kick-off more sustainable collaboration among MRS coordinators and agree on concrete cooperation actions. This workshop is initiated and supported by the coordinators of the EUSDR priority area 6 (To preserve biodiversity, landscapes and the quality of air and soils).

The EU macro-regional strategies (MRS/Strategy) address challenges shared within a wider transboundary space approached as a functional area. They have the potential to be a catalyst for coordinated development and implementation of EU policies.

For more information check out the Agenda HERE.