PILLAR 2: Connecting the Region

The specific objectives for this pillar are:

-To strengthen maritime safety and security and develop a competitive regional intermodal port system.

-To develop reliable transport networks and intermodal connections with the hinterland, both for freight and passengers.

-To achieve a well-interconnected and well-functioning internal energy market supporting the three energy policy objectives of the EU – competitiveness, security of supply and sustainability.

To achieve the abovementioned objectives, Pillar 2 will focus on three topics:

  • Topic 1 – Maritime transport
  • Topic 2 – Intermodal connections to the hinterland
  • Topic 3 – Energy networks
Italy and Serbia

Pillar 2 Coordinators

Mr Pierluigi Coppola coppola@ing.uniroma2.it
Ms Mirjana Filipovićmirjana.filipovic@mre.gov.rs
Mr Sergio F. Garribbacentro.p@virgilio.it
Ms Tatjana Jovanovićtatjana.jovanovic@mgsi.gov.rs

Contact of Coordinators and Deputies

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