Towards the Green Coast video is included in the literature package for the 2017/2018 Geography competition for Primary and Secondary Schools in Slovenia. The topic of the competition is: "Sustainable Tourism for Development".

The competition is organized by the National Education Institute Slovenia and is dedicated to pupils with a keen interest in inclusive growth, environmental protection and sustainable tourism.

Towards the Green Coast video was made for the EUSAIR »Environmental Quality« Pillar 3 priority. Done by the assistance of the EUSAIR Facility Point, the video raised attention at the 2nd EUSAIR Annual Forum in Ioannina in May 2017, the 1st EUSALP Annual Forum in Munich in November 2017 and at the Mediterranean Coast and EU macro-regional strategies week in Portorož in September 2017. 

Apart of raising awareness, building knowledge and promotional purposes, the video's inclusion in the competition's literature package is an opportunity towards strengthening the cooperation and inclusion of key stakeholders and interested public in the implementation processes and objectives of EU macro-regional strategies in general and EUSAIR in particular.